1. Accounts.ICODashboard.io

Once you are a client, each ICO will have an account created on accounts.icodashboard.io. This is where you can manage your account with us, purchase additional products and services like add-on integrations from our partners. Support for using Accounts can be found here.

2. ICODash Platform

The ICODash platform is the white-label version of our platform which is customized and installed on your sub-domain.  Support for the ICODash platform can be found here.

3. Marketing Partner Portal

Marketing partners can signup and access the partner portal at https://accounts.icodashboard.io.  Support for the Partner Portal can be found here.

4. How much does it cost?

Each ICO has different requirements and customization requests. To receive an accurate pricing quote please fill out the form on our pricing page.

5. General information on ICOs

For general information on ICOs and token sales, please visit the our ICO Knowledge Base.


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