Hosted by You

Fully installed and setup by our team on your servers. After initial install and testing, we provide you with admin panel access and from that point moving forward we have zero interaction with the system or your servers. You must have IT support personal on staff who can monitor the system 24/7 during your ICO.

Hosted by Us

This option includes 24/7 support and threat monitoring by our team to ensure your system is up and running safely at all times. For setup, all you would be required to do is point the DNS of the sub-domain you’d like to use to our servers. We provide you with full access to the admin panel where you have complete control over your wallets and payments.


  1. Design: Skin design, logo, and color options to match your brand and website
  2. User Registration: Choose from three available registration workflows. Easily upload any legal statements and disclosures which require user consent.
  3. KYC: We offer four levels of KYC settings can be enabled in the admin panel to fit any legal requirement
  4. Payment Options: We currently offer BTC, ETH, BTC Cash, Litecoin, Bank Wire, CC (stripe) as the standard payment options which can be activated in the admin panel.  Additional currencies can be developed and integrated if required.
  5. Block Registrations by Location: Easily block users from certain states or countries from being able to register for your token sale.

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