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Pre-planning Your Launch Of ICO

Having a solid project is great, but having a great product in the marketing world means nothing without, well, marketing. So launching your ICO should be viewed as a marketing product. And pre-planning is the quickest road to success. So here is what you should focus on.


Detailed Whitepaper

An ICO whitepaper is a document where you explain your idea and a great whitepaper should contain all the information the investors may be interested in, in the terms of your solutions to certain problems, what is the need for your project, what makes it unique, the team behind it, etc… How long will your white paper be, is of no importance, as long as it contains all of the information. You might want to consider translating your whitepaper into several languages, as well.


Justify the initial token value

You should decide what the initial token value is, and then how it was determined. This is of great importance to your investors, as you should also disclose what would be their benefits from supporting you.

Tell your investors how much money you plan to bring to the project and how many tokens to release. Justify how the initial token price was determined and what will happen to the unsold tokens. Oh, and what about bonuses? Will your investors get any bonuses by supporting you?



The most important thing when it comes to creating your website is that you need to make sure it communicates your essence. It should be a representation of what you and your business stand for. Make sure you use the right visualization, such as fonts, pictures, etc. as it makes a huge difference.



So, what is best for you to do is do a SWOT analysis. After that, the most important thing when it comes to marketing is knowing who you are talking to, and how to talk to them. This, of course, means finding your target audience and tailoring your messages for them.  So, once the product is introduced, there will be no surprises, you will already know what your audience will react to it.


Community and Media

So, as an extent to your marketing stages of your pre-planning, build a community on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… This would enable you to get a much quicker, and more accurate feedback than anything else.

What you should also do is share your project with the media, encouraging as many people as possible to invest. Several resources might be useful: HARO, JournoRequests and Source Bottle.


Investor Personal Cabinet for the Reception of Crypto-currencies

Personal Cabinet is very important for both investors and ICO founders, as its greatest purpose is to process management. For ICO founders the PC ensures the autonomy of work. For instance, activating an automatic setting for bonus accruals, and live stats on tokens’ value change.

This does not mean that all steps from above should be followed precisely in order to have a successful ICO project. But the more steps you follow, the more it ensures that more audience will be attracted to it.

How To Promote Your ICO On Bitcoin Talk


On the heels of a meteoric bull We’ve covered extensively how to market an ICO: through YouTube, through Reddit, on Twitter and by submitting your ICO to our calendar; the sky is the limit for a creative marketing team. But all these are secondary steps. First and foremost, any self-respecting ICO will announce all their relevant details on Bitcoin Talk. One of the oldest and most established crypto websites on the internet, Bitcoin Talk is where the initial place new coins are announced.


The most popular sub-board is the “Altcoin Discussion,” forum, which is what we’re interested in. The Altcoin Discussion board is the place to announce a new coin, and teams do so through what’s called an ANN thread.


To share with the world all the details about a token, a team will cook up an ANN thread. Short for “announcement,” this is when a token team first shares their coin with the world. A good ANN thread features a quick, easily understandable summary of what the token is all about.


Your post will want to cover basic details like:


  • ICO Overview or elevator pitch
  • if it’s proof-of-work or proof-of-stake.
  • Is the coin minable, or has it been pre-mined?
  • a brief intro to the development team, and where they’re located.
  • Where the ICO will be hosted
  • Which currencies will be accepted
  • The dates of the ICO
  • Links to the projects website
  • Links to social media accounts, including GitHub and Medium
  • Links to the projects whitepaper


The ANN thread might also link to positive media coverage, or write-ups about the token. They’ll typically also answer some questions that pop up, but Slack and Telegram are more used for that.


There’s a lot of ways to make a good ANN thread, but also a few ways to do it wrong. Bitcoin Talk has a knowledgeable community. ANN threads that aren’t logically sound or seem sketchy, get ripped to shreds. One key to ANN is explaining why an idea needs a new token to function. There’s plenty of great ideas introducing blockchain to traditional business models. But how many of those really require the existence of a new token to function? Bitcoin Talk, and the larger crypto community, are hyper-aware for possible scams.


It’s essential any prospective ICO start strong with an informative ANN thread. Educating potential investors and providing an online reference point for the coin, an ANN thread is how ICOs are initially promoted on Bitcoin Talk.

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