The ICODash App

The ICODash app sits on your sub-domain and can instantly transform your ICO campaign into a professional, feature rich dashboard, giving you control and your users a safe buying environment.

Multiple Campaign Types

Whitelist, Pre-ICO, ICO. Create one or multiple. ICODash is driven by the active one.

Auto Pricing Templates

Set your token pricing for your entire campaign. Activate templates by date or token sales. Or change them manually. Active template drives user pricing.

Multi-currency Payment Options

BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Bank Wires, Moneygram, Western Union and Strip are integrated. We can add any new currency within 24 hours.

No Wallets.

We don't have wallets and the payment methods you set don't flow through us. Our system displays your settings to the user. Each payment method is activated when you enter in your wallet info.

Easy KYC / AML Integration

We provide excellent KYC options in the dashboard, but our focus for KYC and AML was to make it as easy as possible to integrate any solution our clients want to use.

Full GDPR Compliance

All the settings needed for 100% GDPR compliance. We even offer a solution for your front-end landing pages to become compliant by uploading a snippet of html code.


We use Authy for 2-factor authentication. Create an account with them and save your api codes and phone number in the admin panel.

IP Bans

Ban individual IP's or entire countries.

Bounty Management

Built in bounty platform. Create bounties, bounty landing pages, managing bounty submissions, set auto approval rules and instantly rewards users with bounty tokens in their account.

Custom User Forms

Create and manage custom user registration forms. Activate one or activate multiple by country.

User On-boarding Slides

Create and activate user popup slides. Great for collecting data or offering tokens in exchange for providing information or answering a series of questions. As flexible as you need it to be.

ERC-20 Token Creation

Create your ERC Smart Contracts in our platform. They are sent to the ETH address you specify.

Ready to talk?

Let's discuss your ICO and the impact our platform can make. We can integrate within 48 hours. Transform your ICO today.


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