Running a Secure Token Sale

In addition to our platform security, we also offer optional add-on security solutions, ensuring all aspects of your token sale stay secure.

End-to-End Encryption

All Simple Token APIs, admin panel and database are SSL protected and two-way encrypted. 

Secure Storage

Design configurations utilizing multisig, hot and cold, and hardware wallets. We provide you the roadmap, setup and training.

Smart Contract Audits

Smart contract audits identify vulnerable code and logic flaws which could potentially be harmful.

Hands-off Clients

  1. Our role ends after successful installation and testing of ICO Dashboard on your servers.
  2. We have zero access to the installation, your tokens and wallet configurations.
  3. We provide you with in-depth documentation and training, which if followed, provides you with a secure, un-hackable, environment for your token sale

Managed Service Clients

  1. We install, test and provide 24/7 monitoring services until the conclusion of your ICO
  2. On-going deployment of monitoring agents for website clones and phishing schemes.


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