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The European General Data Protection Regulation or simply “GDPR” is a new regulation replacing the Data Protection Directive. It protects European Union customer data, in hopes of reducing the severity and frequency of security breaches, and the mishandling or in-correctly processing of personal data on the web.

If you control or process data from EU citizens, you are required to comply (even if your company operates outside of the EU)! Fines for non-compliance are up to €20 million (about $25 million USD) or 4% of your company’s global annual revenue (whichever is greater). If your website receives visits from members of the EU, you may need to comply with GDPR in order to avoid hefty fines and penalties.

Consent Management

Automate collection of consent acceptance and declines. Export and delete from one dashboard. User self service.

Deep Web Scanning

Scan and integrate identified plugins to your privacy banners and consent management with ease.

Privacy Banners & Cookies

Communicate privacy notices as required by GDPR. Customize text and page locations.

70+ Languages Supported

Secure Privacy automatically displays consent banners based on the country they visit from.

User Self-Service

Enable users to change their permissions and cookie controls with only one click.


We cover your backend…integrated within our platform

We have implemented pre-built features and admin panel tools within the ICODashboard for ICO managers to easily manage GDPR features to ensure that the entire token buying process, user management and overall ICO platform operations remain 100% within GDPR compliance.

And your front-end…with two solutions for any HTML or WordPress website

We offer two solutions for your own website. A WordPress plugin which can be used with any WordPress powered website, or small html code snippet for you to upload on your website. Both options provide you with immediate GDPR compliance.


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