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Smart Contracts

Does ICODashboard work with any type of token or smart contract?

Yes, we do, regardless of the type of token or which blockchain it’s on. If you don’t have your smart contract created yet, we can do it for you.  If you already have tokens created, we can integrate it with our platform.  We develop a smart contract for each client of ours regardless of their smart contract.  Our smart contract performs all the event firing and recording of real-time transactions on the blockchain.

To learn more about how our platform works with smart contracts and our development capabilities, please visit this page.

How does ICODashboard work with my Smart Contract / Token?

ICODashboard creates a separate smart contract for each client, which shares functionality with the client’s smart contract to enable the following functionality:

  • ability to record each transaction in the blockchain
  • ability to query the smart contract in the blockchain for us in reporting and statistics within the        ICODashboard platform
  • create a blockchain-based record of the entire ICO
  • display the transactions and fired events to the user
  • display the transactions and fired events to the ICO admin
  • automatically distribute tokens to users once the token sale has ended via the multisend contract

How will transactions be recorded on the blockchain?

Fired Events. For each transaction recorded in the ICODashboard platform, the system records them as fired events on the blockchain. This is a shared functionality between the clients smart contract /token and our own ICODash smart contract.

Fired events will record the following 3 items:

  • ether address of the contributor
  • # of tokens purchased
  • # of bonus tokens

Why does my token smart contract not include token pricing, min/max raise amounts and bonus rounds?

All of these items are managed in the ICODashboard, giving the ICO admin full flexibility to properly set their campaigns using the ICO Campaign manager and the token pricing templates. Once set, the custom ICODashboard Smart Contract for each client will enable the recording of this events and transactions.

However, our clients can always choose to handle token distribution and/or smart contracts on their own, outside of our platform.  Our platform is highly flexible, allowing ICO managers to run their campaigns exactly as they see fit.

We provide options and solutions. It’s up to each client what they choose to use vs do on their own.

Do you have an example of smart contracts developed by ICODashboard?

Client: SpryOne Tokens

Smart Contract Development & Integration via ICODASHBOARD.IO

  • 810,000,000 of SPRY tokens have been sent to 0x1aD0fFbfefB51ca47fb22506e411F41834289cE3
  • 190,000,000 of SPRY tokens have been allocated to advisorLockUP contract @ address 0xc70DAe4EABB7BEf4F17eb464b3CA75e783AFa76f
  • 3 months after now the address 0xA6ae9438b17997d68c3CD5e4b5B51CEE85ceD030 can call the function “release” on the advisorLockUP contract to get 20% of the 190,000,000
  • address 0xA6ae9438b17997d68c3CD5e4b5B51CEE85ceD030 can repeat the process for the next 4 months and 20% each time

Source Code Verification:


Who does ICODashboard use for Smart Contract Audits

We use two companies, but you’re free to use whoever you’d like.  We only use the best when it comes to security and smart contract audits, we’d be doing a dis-service to our platform and our clients otherwise.  We have a partnership with Hosho, a global leader in blockchain security.

About Hosho:  Hosho exists to challenge the definition of what blockchain security currently means, to hold the members of our community to those standards, and to allow the blockchain space to grow to its full potential. Taking ahold of that torch originally ignited by those pioneers who laid the groundwork for this industry that we operate in and love, Hosho has driven it forward into the unknown, charging ahead to protect and secure all of those who come after us. We come to work every day knowing that companies’ reputations are in our hands, and we recognize the responsibility that we have to ensure the success of each individual we work with. Each member of our team adheres to a mindset of challenge, growth, and dedication that we have been hard-pressed to find anywhere else, so whether you’re a company in need of blockchain security services, an enthusiast who wants to help grow this community, or you just want to get to know us, the Hosho team would love to hear from you.

Hosting & Platform Integration

What's involved with integration and how long does it take?

Integration can be as quick as you need it to be.  Here is what happens during integration:

  • You choose and create a sub-domain on your token sale domain name
  • You point the DNS of that sub-domain to an IP address we assign to you
  • You send us high res logos and any customization requests for the reskinning
  • We make the changes and upload it
  • We perform testing and Q&A
  • We turn over the admin logins to you

At this point you are fully integrated.  Now you just need to login to the system and begin customizing it, activating payment methods and creating your campaign and pricing templates.  Most of the setup time is creating your campaign and testing to make sure it accurately projects your token sale from A to Z.

Are there any limitations for customization?

For design customization, re-skinning, making it fit your brand and UX requirements, we’ll do whatever it takes to make the platform perfect for you, and that’s included in all of our pricing tiers.

For new features, or changing current features, we’ve generally done everything asked of us with no additional fee’s except for one instance, when a client had a very different type of token sale and it required a change in logic.

We’ll do the small stuff.  We’ll even do new feature development if we feel it brings value to our platform for the next client. But anything highly custom which we don’t see someone using again, hard core development, we’ll have to quote/charge you extra for, but we’re happy to do it!

Which sub-domain name should I choose?

This usually comes down to personal preference.  Historically, clients of ours have used the following:


Where are the servers located?

We currently have two options for each client for server location:  Singapore and United Kingdom.  If you need your application to be hosted somewhere else, or somewhere in particular, reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

What is your hosting infrastructure?

Our servers are all based on Apache and Nginx running on a modified version of CentOS 6. On all of our servers we also have our in-house 1H software package which monitors for all kinds of threats on all of our servers to not only ensure that accounts are secure but also isolates all accounts on a given server.

Token Distribution

When do users physically receive their tokens?

Tokens are physically distributed to the users, following the transaction statements of the “fired events”, once the token sale is complete, or per the distribution schedule set by the ICO manager.

In the meantime, each token buyer has the following:

  • their token amount displayed in their account in the dashboard
  • transaction reports showing each purchase
  • links to view the transaction on the blockchain, where they can also see the amount of tokens purchased, bonus tokens and their ETH address

How does the token distribution event work?

ICODashboard has developed an airdrop feature called multi-send, which will enable the ICO admin to call on the transfer function of the smart contract and distribute tokens in bulk.  To learn more about our token distribution process and tools, please visit this page.


How does multisend work?

  • ICODashboard creates a multisend contract for each client
  • The client, or smart contract owner, does the bulk signing requests, which authorizes the bulk token distribution
  • The ICO owner calls a function in the multisend contract to transfer the tokens to the bulk address from the verified transaction reports
  • This multisend contract now has the authority to distribute to the bulk of addresses by interacting with the token contract
  • Tokens are distributed to 150 wallet addresses per transaction
  • All of this is done within the ICO Admin Panel in the ICODashboard platform


General Platform Questions

What types of campaigns can ICODashboard run?

ICODashboard was built to run any type of campaign you need to run.

  • Private Sale / Pre-sale:  Create a private sale campaign and select how you’d like to run it.  You can use it as a reporting tool, you can create user accounts for your investors and record the transactions, or even just manually transfer tokens to users as you make deals with them.  You can opt-out of having transactions recorded in the blockchain to keep your private sale exactly that, private.
  • White-List Mode:  Turn on whitelist mode if you just want to sign up users to market to them at a later date.  You control what they see when they login and if they go through KYC or not.
  • ICO/Token Sale Campaigns:  You can make multiple token sale campaigns, or one with multiple pricing and bonus structures using the token pricing templates.
  • Bounty Campaigns:  Create, manage and promote all your bounty campaigns from our platform. You can also upload past bounty or airdrop campaigns and have our system automatically register and create each users account, auto-invite them, and transfer tokens in their user account.
  • Security or Equity Tokens: Looking to raise funding via equity? Our platform has advanced features for raising equity funding through a token sale.  Activate the Security Token Sale mode and go through the available features and options of how you wish to run your campaign.

Which payment methods can I accept through your platform?

We’ve pre-built a lot of payment options, it’s up to you which ones you choose to activate and accept in your dashboard.  Since no funds flow through us, the only payment methods that users can use will be the ones you activate in our system with your wallet address or other information that’s required.

As of right now, we have the following options ready for you to activate and use:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Tron
  • Binance
  • Bank Wire ($)
  • Bank Wire (EU)
  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Stripe (credit cards)

Are we missing a payment method you need?  Not a problem, it takes us about 1-2 days to integrate a new currency or payment option, and we do not charge extra for it.


Do you partner with anyone for security?

Yes, we do, our partners include:

  • Hosho
  • Authio
  • Siteground

Server Security

Some of the methods used to secure our servers include:

  • By default, we have set all servers to use the latest PHP 7 version with the latest security fixes.
  • We are running Apache in a chrooted environment with suExec.
  • We have sophisticated IDS/IPS systems which block malicious bots and attackers.
  • ModSecurity is installed on all of our shared servers, thus protecting our customers from the most common attacks.
  • We monitor constantly for DDOS protection, and if we detect a DDOS attack our system administrators will immediately take action.
  • Bare-metal backup – Allows for reliable data and systems protection / quick recovery in the event of downtime
  • We update our security rules often


We monitor constantly for DDOS protection, and if we detect a DDOS attack our system administrators will immediately be notified.

  • Powerful Intrusion Prevention System called 1H Hawk, which will identify if someone is trying to brute force any of your passwords – like FTP, Email or other, and will disable access to the attackers IP address IN REAL TIME.
  • Attack monitoring – both network and hack attempts, spam activity, abnormal resource usage by users and irregularities on a server level. 24/7/365!

Security Management

  • We isolate accounts on the server – so no single account can compromise the whole server.
  • All the accounts have read-and-write access only within its home directory – even if hacked through let’s say a
  • Joomla module vulnerability, the attacker cannot go outside the account.
  • We have extremely strict server login policies in place. Server login is not distributed to anybody outside our core admin team.
  • We remind and advise clients to change passwords every 2 weeks as a good security practice, while we ourselves update every single login key every 7 days, or upon the occurrence of an event that triggers such a need.
  • All server logs are preserved and all actions on all servers are recorded at all times.
  • Daily application monitoring and performance tuning

Data Protection

  • Backing up your data is a critical component of our architecture:Daily backups including bare-metal and file based, locally and remotely.
  • Bare-metal backup. A bare-metal backup maintains a snapshot of the system state at time of back-up so it can be restored to the server in the exact condition it was in at the time of backup.
  • File-based backup. This type of backup requires a rebuild of the server to a functional state before files can be restored.

Load Balancing

  • Round robin – requests are evenly distributed to all available servers
  • Least connections – traffic is sent to servers with the lowest number of active connections
  • Fastest – connections are distributed based on the server response times.
  • Predictive – the load balancer dynamically ranks servers according to whether their performance is improving or declining over time.
  • The servers with improving performance rankings are being sent a higher proportion of the incoming requests.

Dashboard Security

The following security features are built into the dashboard and are for ICO managers to use:

  • User 2factor authentication – Authy (twillo)
  • Admin users are forced to use 2factor authentication for each login
  • SMS alerts each time someone logins to the admin
  • Ability to lock down payment methods, wallet information, unless changes approved via SMS
  • SMS/Email alerts each time changes to payment settings or site settings have been made
  • IP Blocks:  block any IP address and even entire countries via IP address
  • Min/Max amounts can be set for every payment method
  • Each payment method can be limited to certain countries (or blocked in others – even if you’re campaign is active there)
  • No money/funds/tokens ever goes through our platform.  Our platform is a reporting function – it tells users where to send funds, and it tracks/confirms/reports.  You are in control of your funds at all times.

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