Why use ICODashboard?

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ICODashboard.io was built from the ground up to be the very best platform for managing a secure and compliant token sale. Intuitive and automatic where other systems are complicated and manual, we’ve built ICODashboard to automate the small things while ensuring our clients retain full control of payments, wallets, token pricing templates, bounty campaigns, site settings, security levels, campaign creation and much more in the ICO Manager Admin Panel.

Flexible and Integration Friendly

We’ve provided ICO managers with flexibility and control in making business decisions when it comes to choosing 3rd-party services and tools like KYC and AML. The system is capable of integrating with any 3rd-party solution which offers an API. And if your solution of choice doesn’t offer an API or requires custom integration, we’re more than happy to integrate and support the solution of your choice.

Stay Efficient in the ICO Account Center

In the ICO Account Center, ICO managers can take advantage of tools and services we’ve automated which will be highly useful during their token sale campaign. Some of these tools include:

  1. Automated ERC-20 token creation
  2. Bulk ICO Directory Submission to over 40 of the top ICO listing and directory websites.
  3. Automated PR Submission & Paid Placement with the top media publications in the industry
  4. Order and manage items like ICO whitepapers, content production, and website landing pages from the best talent in the crypto space.
  5. Promote your ICO with additional services provided by carefully selected preferred partners like stox.com, who provides ICO promotion through prediction bounties. Register directly from our platform and save 10% of their normal pricing.

Getting started in the ICO Account Center is free and doesn’t require an ICODashboard platform license. You can get started immediately by visiting https://accounts.icodashboard.io.

For companies and startups out there who are also building tools aimed at enhancing the ICO process, we welcome you to reach out to our team to discuss partnership and integration opportunities.

ICODashboard is committed to providing a secure, compliant token buying experience for token buyers, while offering ICOs the tools required to launch a token sale. Through development, automation, and great partnerships, the opportunity for launching token sales will continue expanding to companies outside of cryptocurrency, while ensuring they stay compliant, efficient and armed with the best tools for promotion.

Give it a try. To demo the Token Buying Experience for users, create an account and login using this demo link: https://demo.icodashboard.io/

To demo the ICO Manager Admin Panel, please schedule a demo with one of our team members who will walk you through it and answer any questions you may have: https://icodashboard.io/schedule/

Platform License Pricing. For pricing options, please fill out our simple pricing form which will help us understand your timeline and how much customization, branding and feature development you may need.

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